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Meet Dr. Milcah Hiemstra

First Chiropractic Experience

Dr. Milcah Hiemstra

Dr. Milcah Hiemstra

“I saw a chiropractor for the first time as an undergraduate student who was having a lot of pain and stress. The chiropractor spent time talking with me about my pain, and stress before she treated me. This meant a lot to me because she showed me that she knew what was causing my pain and cared enough to spend the time to explain it to me. Since then, I’ve always wanted to make my patients feel like they’re being heard when they’re in my office.”

Dream Career

Dr. Milcah has wanted to work in the health care field since she was a child. She combined her passion for health, working closely with patients, and being active into one dream career: chiropractic.

Dr. Milcah attended the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, where she studied Kinesiology. She then attended Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto for her training as a chiropractor. Dr. Milcah tailors her treatment plan to each individual patient’s needs.

“I’ve always loved being around other people, being active, and working with my hands. Chiropractic allows me to do all of that while helping my patients live up to their best potential”

Outside the Office

In her free time, Dr. Milcah likes spending time outdoors with her husband; hiking, going to the beach, and biking. Dr. Milcah also enjoys gardening and cooking.


Dr. Milcah Hiemstra | (902) 667-1236