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Meet Amherst Chiropractor, Dr. Annie Ouellet

Chiropractic Boosted My Health

Dr. Annie Ouellet

Dr. Annie Ouellet

“I started seeing a chiropractor early in life around 8 years old. I was sick a lot as a child and had a weak immune system. Someone told my mother that a chiropractor could help increase my body’s defenses, and it worked great for me. I continued seeing a chiropractor for injuries such as downhill skiing falls, and I always had amazing results.”

An Instant Decision

Dr. Annie didn’t start to consider chiropractic as a profession until she was studying biology at the University of Moncton in New Brunswick. Her roommate’s brother was a chiropractor, and she spent time shadowing him in his clinic. After the first day, she walked out knowing she wanted to become a chiropractor!

Seeing the closeness of the relationships with patients and the immediate satisfaction people received from care and seeing the Chiropractor’s gratification and work satisfaction inspired her to get into the profession. “It is fascinating that the Nervous System controls every cell, tissue, organ and other system of your body. Chiropractic helps remove interference on your Nervous System to allow your body to function like it is intended to.”

After completing a degree in biology at Université de Moncton, Dr. Annie then attended Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto. “Our patients tell us all the time how they wish they’d started chiropractic years ago. They feel so much better physically, mentally, socially and so they see their quality of life improve. It is truly the most gratifying profession.” She is certified in In-Utero Webster Constraint Technique, Bioflex Laser Therapy, and Custom Orthotic. She uses a variety of techniques to suit your individual needs.

Spending Time with Family

Dr. Annie’s life is all about her two school aged daughters, her husband and spending time together as a family. They enjoy downhill skiing in the winter and boating in the summertime. She makes time for herself by running, doing yoga and swimming. Dr. Annie also enjoys cooking healthy meals for her family and accompanying their busy girls to all their activities.

“I welcome the opportunity to show you and your family from new born to all ages all that chiropractic can do to improve your quality of life. Contact us today!”

Dr. Annie Ouellet | (902) 667-1236