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About Attune Chiropractic Centre


Our clinic was founded as Rainbow Chiropractic Office by Dr. Mary-Irene Parker. It was taken over by Dr. Annie Ouellet in 2000 to offer chiropractic care to Amherst, Cumberland County and Southern New Brunswick.

After a complete renovation and expansion, the decision was made to rename our new clinic “Attune Chiropractic Centre”.

Definition of Attune: “to bring into accord, harmony, or sympathetic relationship; adjust” ( This defines well the role of Chiropractic on your spine and body and overall well-being.


Family Chiropractic Care

All ages from newborn to the elderly will be able to take care of their health, naturally and noninvasively. We will help you to get healthy and, if you wish, maintain your health through regular maintenance care. If you want to invest time in improving your health, we are here to help. Chiropractic is also beneficial and safe for you pregnant ladies and both Chiropractors are certified with Webster In-Utero Constraint Technique.

Helping You to Health

Chiropractic care at our office can be further complemented by our massage therapists . Your body’s healing will be facilitated by the combined efforts of chiropractic and massage as needed. Additionally, we are able to fit you for custom orthotics to give your body proper support. We also provide Bioflex Laser Therapy for deep cell healing. You can consult for further information.

Tailoring to Your Needs

You will be welcomed into a private room for each of your visits. Our chiropractors offer a wide variety of techniques to suit your individual needs. Each person’s body is different, and we will work to make sure your care is customized to fit your specific needs.

Are you wondering what chiropractic might be able to do for you? Contact our office today to find out.

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